Glitch the Throne


Below, Glitch the Throne, a music visualization combining Art Deco designs (taken from architecture like the Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Chambellan's Chanin Building sculpture ...) with elements of lighting inspired from live electronic music performances.

 Below, a VFX breakdown of the piece.


Vugue (Visual Fugue)an application I am developing in Processing which will allow visuals to be imported and have their attributes modified using sound, giving artists the ability to rapidly produce music visualizations in real-time.


Above, a 3D illustration (inset) for a live show for band RIBS, who won the Boston Music Award's Rock Artist of the Year award.



This 2.5D isometric map is rendered in Blender, with the interactivity built in Processing.

A commodities pricing tool for rural communities in the developing world, which I collaborated with a team to produce at the International Space Apps Challenge hackathon (you can play with a newer, live version here). Our team was one of the two winning solutions from the New York event, putting us in the global judging along with teams from twenty-four other cities. From the brief for the challenge we chose to work on:


[B]etter understanding of market prices could help improve the incomes of smallholder farmers if resources are put in place to assist with responses to demand and price sensitivity ... In order to achieve large returns, rural growers therefore need to be able to contribute to and access evolving price indexes that can accurately reflect sale prices and reveal where demand is greatest.

Over the course of the weekend we developed a working solution for a regional commodities price index that could be populated and downloaded by local farmers using SMS and text messaging, in order to cope with the data restrictions in rural areas lacking internet or smartphone access. In addition, a front-end dashboard is able to quickly display pricing information online for locals, governments or bureaucrats who may have a vested interest in information regarding agricultural production.


There is also some very good empirical evidence that demonstrates how price transparency derived from increased mobile coverage in rural areas can lead to more efficient markets with higher profits for producers and lower prices overall for consumers, suggesting that a tool like CERES can have dramatic effects on local economies.

See our video about CERES and the write-up for our project here.

Economist-Nielsen Data Visualization Challenge


Another visualization, this one centered on Nielsen global market data, for The Economist-Nielsen Data Visualization Challenge, in which I was a finalist. Marrying Nielsen’s data to geographic maps, this fluid animation guides the viewer through a description of surveyed markets, economic outlooks, and an overview of Consumer Confidence and ad spending, in order to provide a snapshot of their wealth of economic data.

Additional work includes 2D and 3D infographics; two such graphics for the Water Alliance, a Massachusetts-based water conservation collective, are shown below, and feature ideas for creating ecologically sustainable urban landscapes.



My reel, featuring some of my recent motion graphics, animation, and infographic work, below.



EMILY's List

The progressive group EMILY's List, dedicated to the mission of electing Democratic women to public office, needed a video to motivate members volunteering during the 2011 Wisconsin Recall elections.

Click below to see the video.

As the piece was needed some time ahead of the elections, it was produced on a tight schedule of only one week and was deployed online on August 2nd, receiving several thousand views in just days. It was subsequently featured in the DC Ad Club's Best of DC Agency Showcase 2011 and won an AMA-DC chapter award for the non-profit sector.


Rediscovering Government

A piece stressing government's successes, and articulating that government is made up of citizens and is a manifestation of our collective will, and not an 'alien entity' governing a nation.


Further samples of my work can be found here.